Friday, July 13, 2012

TOOL # 8 Take a Look at the TOOLS

After watching the videos/tutorials I learned that in my content area, the students will have iPods and netbooks to help facilitate learning. Students can find fitness apps on the iPods to use in class. These tools can be set up in stations. I have used the BMI app on the iPod to help find Body Mass Indexes. In addition, we can use the iPods, if video is installed on them, to film students performing skills that can be used for tutoring other children. The net books, iPods/ipad are great learning tools and how are they are used must be closely monitored by the teacher.
Assigning a tech specialist (student) is key to helping the classes monitor the tools. Making sure that students are not using technology when the teacher is giving instructions is also important. Good classroom management is essential to good learning.

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  1. I have no doubt that you will come up with a system that works for you and your kids. And they will be successful because of it!