Saturday, July 14, 2012

TOOL # 11: Self Assessing and Reflecting

My favorite tools are BrainPop, Learning Games for Kids, Discovery Learning. I will use YouTube or Edutube as the set for my lesson plans. I can find boxers and other athletes jumping rope when I want to show how jump rope is used as a way to get physically fit and not just a recess game.
My thinking has changed since I have been using web 2.0 tools. This 11 tools training has definitely increased by confidence as far as trying new technology with my students. I see how important it is to help our students use multiple devices/tools to engage them in learning, real-world learning. I will now add the netbooks and ipods to my stations and in my lesson plans I will incorporate technology.
 I loved the hands on format and I was surprised and grateful that we were taught these tools by actually getting a change to use them. In addition, I am excited to be able to use Atomic Learning
tutorials and to know that we will get staff development credit at the same time. WOW!

TOOL # 10: Underneath it All-- Digital Citzenship

One of the resources that I plan to use will be BrainPop. I will use the Common Sense video and lesson.
I will teach digital citizenship to my student by using the video on BrainPop, discussing internet safety and having the students work with partners to learn the digital safety.
I will make sure that I communicate with parents the extreme need for digital safety and reiterate to them what I have discussed and taught their child about digital safety. Letters home and an article in the school newsletter are other ways that I will disseminate information about digital citizenship.

TOOL # 9 Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices...

It is important to tie technology into the objective because our goal for this entire 11 tools has been to meet the 21st Century Learner where they are technology wise. I know that our students will only become better learners if they are able to use ipods in my classroom to help each of them learn my content area. The objective is letting the student know what we are going to learn, how we are going to get there and how I am going to assess it. Using technology can us reach that goal..
Students should be held accountable for keeping each device or tool repaired, accounted for and to make sure it is used correctly in each station or center.
I visited two websites: Thinkfinity and Learning Games for Kids. Learning Games for Kids has a wonderful health section that I can set the netbooks up in stations. The students can pick games from the topics of Allergies, Body Parts, Staying Fit, and Dental. There are eight games for each topic that the students can use. All these health topics are covered in the health fitness TEKS. The other site is Thinkfinity. This site has videos and lesson plans on topics such as asthma and nutrition/healthy eating choices.  Having open ended questions at the end of a health video will help to ensure student accountability.
I have used apps such as Nike Fit and BMI. It is not an app but the stop watch icon on the iPod is great for helping students monitor their time on a particular skill. If the iPods are placed in a station students could put their personal information on the iPod to get her/his BMI and they can also view the fitness tutorials that are on Nike Fit. Once again to show accountability students can complete a quick assessment that can be set up at a station. The assessment can be in the form of questions or drawings.
If the iPod that I receive has a video I can see that tool being used to video the correct form or technique that should be use for a particular skill. This video tutorial can then be used in a station for students to view.

Friday, July 13, 2012

TOOL # 8 Take a Look at the TOOLS

After watching the videos/tutorials I learned that in my content area, the students will have iPods and netbooks to help facilitate learning. Students can find fitness apps on the iPods to use in class. These tools can be set up in stations. I have used the BMI app on the iPod to help find Body Mass Indexes. In addition, we can use the iPods, if video is installed on them, to film students performing skills that can be used for tutoring other children. The net books, iPods/ipad are great learning tools and how are they are used must be closely monitored by the teacher.
Assigning a tech specialist (student) is key to helping the classes monitor the tools. Making sure that students are not using technology when the teacher is giving instructions is also important. Good classroom management is essential to good learning.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

TOOL # 7 Reaching Outside Your Classroom

Given a short jump rope and an open area, TLW demonstrate and jump roping skills such as: skier, bell, can-can, double under, and 180 degree turn by working with a partner/group to create videos using an itouch. Students will be required to work towards mastering 4 out of the 5 skills. I will implement the plan/lesson in the fall, preferably around September or October. In addition, to using the itouch, students can use the flip camera to video and to take pictures and even make an Animoto of the students in different classes. I will share the tutorial with other classes. As the students collaborate with one another, creating tutoring videos will benefit the children that have higher skills and the ones that are developing their jump rope skills. It would be great to Skype with another school to see the jump rope tricks or skills that they learning. In fact, it would be great to look at some double dutch rope skills. If time allowed the students could work on Google Docs to make a jump rope crossword puzzle.

Tool # 6: Using Web Tools to Produce Discussion...

I would use TodaysMeet as a station in class. Doing so would allow me the ability to find out what the students think about the activity or skill that they would be working on that day. I have created a sample of what we could do in class. Shy students can ask me questions, they can respond to my questions, and most importantly I can find out who needs help with a particular skill/technique.

Today’s Meet
In addition, I have signed up for an account of Skype, it would be great to talk to teachers and students in other parts of the United States as well as those in other countries.
Skype and Skype in the classroom

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

POST # 5 Producing Web 2.0 Continued

Wordle: Good Character

I can use Wordle to introduce the Good Character words each month I can introduce a new Good Character social skill to the students using a Wordle.