Saturday, July 14, 2012

TOOL # 10: Underneath it All-- Digital Citzenship

One of the resources that I plan to use will be BrainPop. I will use the Common Sense video and lesson.
I will teach digital citizenship to my student by using the video on BrainPop, discussing internet safety and having the students work with partners to learn the digital safety.
I will make sure that I communicate with parents the extreme need for digital safety and reiterate to them what I have discussed and taught their child about digital safety. Letters home and an article in the school newsletter are other ways that I will disseminate information about digital citizenship.


  1. Your librarian can also help with this step. I know she has a slew of information for kids, parents and teachers.

  2. Tips in an article in the school newsletter sounds like great opportunity to introduce digital citizenship to parents. Good idea!