Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TOOL # 3

I love the NPR site. I listen to one of their shows on 90.9, KTSU. It is cool to see this site, I am sure that I will find some great stories to follows. In addition, I love ViewPure; it is great to be able to purify a video before it shown to the class. I have book mark some site, since I have used them in the past will continue to use them in the future. I really like Discovery Education, YouTube and Teacher Tube. Using them in my classes will help me demonstrate various skills and provide updated information to my classes.

 I have found two sites that had videos that I liked here is one that I have used for my Tumbling and Stunts classes: YouTube—Dominique Dawes performing on the balance beam:

 Oh my goodness this is was a very clever and very informative video. I was not aware that you can copyright a dance. I did not know that copyrights can last forever. In addition I did not know that that a copyright can be broken and that a small amount can be broken for “fair use.”I found this to be an eye-opener for me. I have created a drop box account and I am excited about using this tool in my classroom to help me collect homework assignments from my students. This is really a great feature.

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  1. The possibilities are endless! I know you will find many other ways to use all of these tools once you get started this fall!