Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TOOL # 4 Moving Up The Clouds...

I have created a health puzzle document in Google Docs and sent it to my colleagues, in the Music and Special Education department. I have asked each one to comment or chat with me about my topic.
In addition, I sent a health puzzle and lesson plan to a colleague at another school and a teacher at my school. I have asked them to comment on my plan. This will be a great way for teachers to share lessons, ideas and teaching techniques.
I am a curriculum writer and we can work on lesson plans as a team. I like the idea of not sending attachments. Using Google Apps as a teaching tool will help me to become even more organized along with my students. I like the idea of creating a paperless quiz. This is a really great feature. I can see how working in Google Docs will revolutionize how assignments or created, edited and turned into the teacher.

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