Thursday, July 12, 2012

TOOL # 7 Reaching Outside Your Classroom

Given a short jump rope and an open area, TLW demonstrate and jump roping skills such as: skier, bell, can-can, double under, and 180 degree turn by working with a partner/group to create videos using an itouch. Students will be required to work towards mastering 4 out of the 5 skills. I will implement the plan/lesson in the fall, preferably around September or October. In addition, to using the itouch, students can use the flip camera to video and to take pictures and even make an Animoto of the students in different classes. I will share the tutorial with other classes. As the students collaborate with one another, creating tutoring videos will benefit the children that have higher skills and the ones that are developing their jump rope skills. It would be great to Skype with another school to see the jump rope tricks or skills that they learning. In fact, it would be great to look at some double dutch rope skills. If time allowed the students could work on Google Docs to make a jump rope crossword puzzle.

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